1. Free Adhesive Samples

    We believe so strongly in our Adhesive, that we have been offering free samples for over 6 years.

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  2. The Best Humidity and Temperature for each adhesive

    • When working in a higher humidity level, be sure to use a little too much adhesive so there is plenty of wet adhesive by the time you get to the natural lash.
    • In higher humidity levels, the adhesive can form a skin by the time you get the extension to the natural lash, which becomes a problem for retention, however if you can place the extension about 2mm above where you want the extension on the natural lash, and then slide it into place, you will break through the skin and find a good bond.
    • Ideal heat is between 20-24 degrees, and ideal humidity will be between 30-55%, using the above guidelines..
    • I personally prefer "FIXATION" in Humidity's below 39%, and "INTERVENTION" in Humidity's 40% and above.
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  3. Which Adhesive should I use for Volume Lashing?


    You cannot vary the amount of "INTERVENTION" you use.

    • The extra adhesive can wick up the shaft of the lashes, and cause the fans to close.
    • The extra adhesive can also cause stickies that are hard to separate while leaving the extensions in place.


    When dipping for volume, you can take a bit more of the "FIXATION"

    • This doesn't seem to cause wicking.
    • This gives you a tiny bit more time to get the extensions to wrap around the natural lash without the complication of impossible stickies.
    • The "FIXATION" also allows time to reposition the individual lashes if you need to redirect them.
    • If you do get stickies, they seem to come apart much more easily with the "FIXATION".
    • We recommend using the "FIXATION" for Volume lashing
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  4. Drying Time

    What is the drying time?

    • One to two seconds.
    • Note drying times can vary depending on the humidity and temperature in your room (see below for best humidity and temperatures)
    • When using the same amount of "FIXATION" or "INTERVENTION", "FIXATION" is faster. (ONLY a split second faster)
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  5. How much adhesive should I use?


    • "FIXATION" slows down and allows you time to place fans and adjust them WHEN USING MORE of it.
    • Doesn't cause stickies you can't separate.
    • When you are a newbie, it can be a struggle to use just the right amount of adhesive and newbies usually use more, rather than less, causing them a real problem with lashes sticking to each other. With "FIXATION" you can use more adhesive as this allows you more time to place your lash but not so much time that your lash keeps falling over because the glue takes too long to dry. Also if you do get stickies you can separate them much easier with "FIXATION".
    • If you are a newbie or struggle with how much adhesive to use "FIXATION" is for you.
    • "FIXATION" grows with you. It allows you to use more adhesive in the beginning and as you get faster, you can use less of it to speed up your application. This is the beauty of "FIXATION"


    • This is not a good option with "INTERVENTION" as the stickies this can cause are a problem to separate without dislodging the extension.
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  6. Fumes

    • While they are both low fume adhesives, the FIXATION seems to have even lower fumes to a lot of our clients.
    • I personally notice the fumes of the FIXATION more than I do of the INTERVENTION.
    • I used the FIXATION on one client who had to wear a charcoal mask whenever she had her lashes done with the INTERVENTION. I asked her if we could try doing her lashes with no charcoal mask to see if the fumes of the FIXATION bothered her. It did not bother her at all and she slept through her appointment.
    • 98% of our clients are not bothered by any fumes INTERVENTION may have.
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