Adhesive & Removers

Adhesive & Removers

Eyelash Addict adhesives have been designed to be lower in vapors than the average quick set adhesives due to the quality of their ingredients. We are so confident that you will love our adhesives that for the past five years we have offered each first time lash stylist ordering from our online store a free full size sample of each. We will send you a 10ml Fixation and a 5ml Intervention, just for sending us your certificate to prove you are a qualified service provider.

INTERVENTION is our pink capped adhesive. It has a 1-2 second cure time, and is for the most advanced stylists who want to be able to place the lash and go.

FIXATION is our purple capped adhesive. It is a tiny bit thicker than the Intervention, and works really well for newbie lashers. It is also phenomenal for Volume, as it's consistency is perfect for making fans that don't close because of adhesive wicking.

Both formulations come in 5ml and 10ml, and both formulations come in clear as well as black. Please be careful when ordering to insure that you get the proper formulation, size, and color. We are unable to accept any returns on adhesive for any reason.

IDEAL TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY: When working in a higher humidity level, be sure to use a little too much adhesive so there is plenty of wet adhesive by the time you get to the natural lash. In higher humidity levels, the adhesive can form a skin by the time you get the extension to the natural lash, which becomes a problem for retention, however if you can place the extension about 2mm above where you want the extension on the natural lash, and then slide it into place, you will break through the skin and find a good bond. Ideal heat is between 20-24 degrees, and ideal humidity will be between 30-55%, using the above guidelines. I personally prefer FIXATION in humidity below 39%, and INTERVENTION in Humidity 40% and above.

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