Look no further, whatever your needs are as a lash stylist, Eyelash Addict has the perfect lash extension, in a quality that technicians rave about.

Our Lash extensions are custom made from the highest quality PBT on the market. (Polybutylene terephthalate) These lashes are popular by a variety of lash artists internationally for the way they attach to the natural lash as if drawn to it. They have a consistent curl that will not straighten, and are weightless and soft. Your clients will appreciate your dedication to quality when you choose to use our lashes.

SIGNATURE SERIES Silks (black tray) - These are our original high quality lashes. They are silky and soft with a hint of a shimmer to them. These lashes will give your clients a beautiful natural look that they will love.

CLASSIC SERIES Silks (white tray) - These lashes were designed with the same softness, but a little more sheen than our original Signature Silks.

MATTE FLAT LASHES (pink tray) - these lashes come in pink trays and are exactly what you are looking for when catering to those clients with tiny little lashes. These lashes have a matte finish, with less of a taper for a bold full look, and stay bonded to even the tiniest of lashes without lash line damage. These are our top selling lashes.

VOLUME COLLECTION - Our Volume Collection is specifically designed to provide you with lashes that fan effortlessly.

VOLUME COLLECTION (silver tray) these lashes are all one length in a single strip.

VOLUME COLLECTION TEXTURIZED (gold tray) these lashes have three lengths in a single strip. They have been painstakingly placed on the strips, so that when you make your volume fans, you will have fans with varied lengths of lashes in the same fan.

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