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Super Saver Codes

Super Saver Codes

  • Buy 6 Adhesive Get 1 Free 
    Add 7 adhesive to the cart, items must be either all 5ml bottles or all 10ml bottles. You can mix and match brands just not sizes. 
    - use code 5ml (for 5ml bottles)
    - use code 10ml (for 10ml bottles) 
  • Buy 4 Get 1 Free
    Add 5 of the same item to cart, items must be same but can be different color if applicable. You can mix and match colors of one item but not different items.
    ex: Mascara wands 2 Blue, 1 Pink, 1 Yellow, 2 Black code will work
    - use code Mascara (for mascara wands) 
    - use code Bottle (for foaming bottles)
    - use code Microfiber (for microfiber brushes)
    - use code flocked (for flocked applicators) 
    - use code sleepmask (for sleep masks)
    - use code gridtape (for grid tape)
    - use code papertape (for papertape) 
    - use code eyepad (for 5 pack gel eyepads) 

*All of the super saver codes will work with other super saver codes, but will not work with any other discounts or sales*