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Loose Lashes

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Throwback lashes with 1 GRAM bag of our Signature PBT.

THESE ARE THE MOST AMAZING LASHES YOU WILL EVER USE These lashes are so wonderful that they are one of the reasons we started our company. We though everyone should be able to experience them. We looked for two years and spent thousands of dollars before we found lashes that were everything we wanted them to be. Those are now the lashes we carry in our Signature Series Lashes lash line.
They are black and super soft and seem to suck right to the natural lash. They hold their curl, color, shine, and they never straighten. They were so much more expensive than any other lashes we had tried that we actually charged our clients extra if they wanted us to use them. After about a month of that, we stopped charging them because we came to a point where we refused to work with any other lashes.
They are made from the highest quality raw product available. Experience working with the best lashes on the planet.