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Sample Tray

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You will so love these lashes. They are so easy to work with, and our clients request them repeatedly. They are great for all your clients, even those who want to push the limits with the health and integrity of their natural lashes. With an even blacker finish than our Signature lashes, the Flat Matte's allow you to give your clients the illusion of thick lashes. They come in C Curl .20 mm. They are as light as if you were placing a single .05 or .07.

The way this works is that the lash does not have a round diameter; it is flat as if the manufacturer took a much finer lash and pressed it flat. Clients with fine natural lashes especially love them because they experience better retention than with traditional round lash bases. Each lash is split at the tip to give your client a fuller look.

Each sample tray contains one row 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 mm