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Compare Adhesive

Comparing Adhesives 

Are the adhesives the same consistency?

  • No, they are a little bit different in consistency.
  •  FIXATION is the thickest adhesive. It is used for beginner stylists, and works well for all Volume artists.
  • INTERVENTION is a little bit thinner than the FIXATION. It is a good adhesive for intermediate lash artists.
  • REBELLION is a little bit thinner than the INTERVENTION. Advanced stylists love this adhesive because they can work very fast with it.  


What is the drying time?

  • One to two seconds for the FIXATION and INTERVENTION, and a half second for the Rebellion. 
  • Note drying times can vary depending on the humidity and temperature in your room. It can also vary depending on how much adhesive you typically grab. (see below for best humidity and temperatures)



When you are at the upper limit of your humidity and temperature:

  • Use more adhesive. Usually, these conditions happen in the summer, and using more adhesive, placing the extension up higher on the natural lash and sliding it into place at the proper distance from the eyelid will help to break through any skin that has formed by the time you place it on the natural lash. If there is a little bubble of adhesive left after you do this, take the outside edge of your placement tweezers while the lash is still isolated, and get close enough to the excess adhesive, and it will reach out and grab onto your tweezers. gently guide it up the lash until it has disappeared. It will find its way in between the extension and the natural lash, strengthening the bond. This technique helps you to not get stickies when you need to use more adhesive, and it doesn't take more than a split second when it becomes a part of your regular routine. This can be done with all three adhesives.




  • FIXATION- SILVER (purple) cap- 25% RH and 50% RH
  • INTERVENTION- ROSE GOLD (pink) cap- 30% RH and 75% RH
  • Rebellion- BRONZE cap- This adhesive is our newest addition and works in any humidity, if you adjust the amount of adhesive you grab. More for higher heat and humidity, and less for lower heat and humidity. It is a very adaptable adhesive if you can adapt with it.



  • All three adhesives can achieve 6-8 weeks retention with proper care and adhesion.



  • While they are all low vapour adhesives, you will find that your clients will have their opinion of how strong the vapours are. I believe it is because of individual body chemistry.
  • I personally notice the fumes of the “FIXATION” more than I do of the “INTERVENTION”.
  • I used the “FIXATION” on one client who had to wear a charcoal mask whenever she had her lashes done with the “INTERVENTION”. I asked her if we could try doing her lashes with  no charcoal mask to see if the fumes of the “FIXATION” bothered her. It didn’t bother her at all and she slept through her appointment.
  • 98% of our clients are not bothered by any fumes “INTERVENTION” may have.


Can The Adhesives be stored in the freezer?

  • Absolutely! Same rules apply to all three adhesives. It is better to store them in the freezer than on the shelf, as putting them in the freezer slows the monomers down and preserves the adhesive until you are ready to use it.


Should I store it in the fridge?

  • You risk it not being at room temperature when you open it, and that can ruin your glue.
  • You also risk moisture build up in it when you cool it an warm it repeatedly. 


How long does it last once it is opened?

  • We have a six-month expiry date on our adhesives that begins when you take it out of the freezer. This will shorten in the summer or in high humidity locations.


How long does it last in the deep freeze?

  • You can store our adhesives in the deep freeze for up to a year.


Is it affected by heat?

  • Both glues are cyanoacrylate based and are affected by heat.
  • Heat over time causes the adhesive to slowly lose its bonding power.
  • Heat causes your adhesive to almost go oily and it won’t stick to the lashes.
  • The higher the heat and the longer the exposure to that heat the faster your glue deteriorates.
  • We strongly advise you to order enough adhesive during your colder months to get you through your summer heat wave season.

 Why CLEAR adhesive?

  • Some clients seem to be affected by the carbon black in our adhesive.
  • The clear adhesive is the same as the black for retention etc, the only difference is it does not contain the Carbon Black.
  • There can be a learning curve, when using the clear adhesive, as it is harder to see how much adhesive you have on the extension.