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Texturized Collection

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Our Volume Collection TEXTURIZED Silk lashes are made of a top quality Korean PBT.
If you are a Volume lash stylist, these are a must have. These lashes can practically fan themselves. They have been laid out so that even if you grab a fan of only two lashes, those lashes will be different lengths at the tips.
This allows your Volume Lash Artistry to have a more organic, natural look to it, regardless of how much volume you choose to add. Each row contains three lengths of lashes that are 2mm apart in length to make natural, fluffy Volume fans. (to avoid lashes that are too long in the inner corners, simply grab the tips of the longest lashes and peel them out before making your fan.)
Included in each tray:
Eight rows of each combination
A tray of 5-7-9 / 6-8-10 contains 
8 rows of 5-7-9 and 8 rows of 6-8-10